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Who Are We

Established in 2012, Body By Design is your one stop transformation center. We build programs around members’ lifestyles, and provide a culture that is second to none.

We get results while making members feel apart of something bigger. Let us show you how we get down!

Our A-Team of trainers can fit any training style or preference, as each trainer has their own unique style & skillset. Meet our team below!


Meet Our Transformation Experts

Established in 2012, Body By Design is your one stop transformation center. We build programs around members’ lifestyles, and provide a culture that is second to none. We get results while making members feel apart of something bigger. Let us show you how we get down!

Our A-Team of trainers can fit any training style or preference, as each trainer has their own unique style & skillset. Meet our team below!


I have been a personal trainer at Body by Design for over 2 years. My style of training consists of weightlifting, cardio, and functional movement. I like to include small aspects of movement, such as small frontward rolls, balance, and focusing on learning your body and surroundings. I try to keep the workouts fresh and new for clients. I try to keep it fun and entertaining and ask my clients what it is that they want to train/ focus on. I like to keep my eating and nutrition basic and also realistic with also enjoying food, but still getting results!


I’m from Oak Creek, Wisconsin and have been a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Coach and/or Operations Manager at Body By Design for over 3 years! My training experience stems from a lifelong participation in sports & weight training, as well as being a Physical Training Leader in the US Air Force for 3+ years. I love weight training & working on explosive &athletic movements! My approach to training is to keep things simple, but dominate the fundamentals. Simple doesn’t mean easy!


I’ve been at Body by Design since day one back in 2012. My style of training has evolved a lot over the years but at its core has always been an emphasis on fun and effective workouts. Every time I train, I strive to learn a new movement and achieve more mastery over this incredible machine that is my body. This is why I often incorporate weapons such as the bostaff, mace, and/or light sabers into my training. It’ fun and empowering to tap into my inner warrior! I train to be the most badass version of myself so that I am ready for anything life could throw at me!


I’m the human unicorn here at Body by Design since 2016. I teach some pretty darn fun and energetic classes because I believe that workouts SHOULD be fun! We are all real life video game characters, capable of so much! Besides kicking booty in person, I have a YouTube channel with over 550 workouts where people all over the world work out with me! I also create vlogs on mental health, knowing how much it goes hand-in-hand on our fitness journeys after conquering two eating disorders. So if you ever need a hug, a booty kicking or just to talk, I’m your Kat! Keep sparkling!


I am from Delafield, Wisconsin. I have been a trainer/coach at Body by Design for over 3 years. I like to focus on functional strength and hypertrophy training. I would consider training legs as my specialty, but I have a full body approach to overall training. I love to constantly learn and apply my creativity to movements to have a multidimensional approach to my training. I want to get muscles as strong as possible and as healthy as possible to make everyday life as easy as possible!


Besides this being what I believe I was born to do, I’m here completely by chance. A chance I’m super grateful for. The reason I remain is purely by willpower & work ethic. If you do the work well, do it often, as in everyday, you’ll succeed. This is evident in my training style. I keep things simple and find the “low hanging fruit”. From there, we chase effortless. Anyone can just check off the boxes. Not everyone can develop the desire and ability to do things until they become effortless. But for those of you that can & want to, I know a guy who’d love to party with you


My mission is to help as many people as I can feel physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy & fit. I do this as a personal trainer, mindfulness & meditation coach, and life coach. My coaching and training philosophy is that fitness should be about having fun and enjoying your training while pushing yourself past your limiting beliefs. I believe health & fitness is an evolutionary journey rather than a destination, and I love being a part of that journey with my clients!


I founded Body By Design in May of 2012 in Brookfield WI with the mission to help our local community become healthy and fit. In order to accomplish this mission, I knew we had to become more than a gym. Body By Design is the first of its kind, a true Transformation Center. We focus equally on fitness, nutrition, mindset, accountability, and everything else that’s needed to have a true transformation from where you’re at now into the best version of yourself.


I am part owner of Body by Design. I started 9 years ago as a trainer and worked my way up to one of my overall dreams! I love the sales part of owning a Biz and that is one of my great traits, but also love seeing the growth of it and success. My training comes down to a lifting style since I love going at a more slow pace and pushing more weight. My personality and people skills are also a huge trait of how I got here and I think this is one of my most valuable traits. I have a lot of work left and tend to keep learning and pushing to get to my goals!


I enjoy people and like helping them. I want people to experience how awesome it feels to get stronger, get healthier and achieve their goals.

This comes through challenging oneself and overcoming obstacles. I enjoy participating in fitness classes and I believe working with a coach provides motivation, accountability and a plan which will help you get were you want to be.

I enjoy challenging myself in the areas of strength training, cardio conditioning, and balance/coordination training.

Most importantly I believe coming to the gym, whether for bootcamp or a training session, should be a positive and fun experience.”


Funny enough, I’ve worked mostly as an artist my adult life but fitness has always been my other passion. I actually took it seriously when I started coaching Crossfit and found it more rewarding than I expected. While my style is still evolving and I’m still learning, being able to motivate and educate others is what I’ve enjoyed most.

I know it can be overwhelming trying to find that “perfect” routine at the gym, building healthy habits, and getting the results you want. Everyone is different and there are a lot of ways to train. That’s why I like to keep it simple using a combination of functional movements to create dynamic workouts.

My goal is to build foundational skills and develop good habits my clients will continue to use outside of the gym.


“My name is Tobey Sayeg and I grew up in West Allis. I not only train but work full time as an electrician. I’ve been training for about 6 years now, with the first 4 primarily football focused and the past 2 years powerlifting focused. While training and becoming the best version of myself is something I’ve always loved to do, that does not outweigh the passion I have for helping others grow in their own fitness journey. I’m very excited to grow as a trainer, help you break down barriers and chase your goals, and continue to help and motivate everyone that I can.”

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Established in 2012, it’s our mission to help people in Waukesha, Brookfield, New Berlin, Pewaukee, and surrounding areas get fit, stay healthy, and live life on their terms without fitness being an obstacle.

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